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MasterKey Summer Program

What do you think of when you imagine what your family will be doing for three months in the summer? Do you plan for special adventures to enjoy as a family, summer classes that your children will enjoy, and a summer schedule that includes lots of reading? Probably!!


For low income children, these three months of school may be enjoyable but will cause harm that the children will not immediately feel. Sadly, it will be rare for low income children to pick up a book or have an activity that will stimulate their mind. By the time they return to school, they will have lost a large amount of what they gained in their past school year. With every year, they will fall farther and farther behind their peers without hope of catching up. What do they need and how can they stop this decline?.


Come to Summer Learning!!


For four weeks, students participate in a learning adventure, filled with exciting, discovery-type activities and fun hands-on experiences. New vocabulary is introduced that connects to the theme. Lots of books are read by students as they work to win prizes.


What is the result? Every child that has attended Summer Learning returns to the After School program more confident and on track by grade.


8:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday thru Friday for four weeks.

$50.00 per child for the summer! Fill out the online form for each child here.


Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Teacher Supports – 14 years and above.

Partner with a teacher to assist with activities and perform beneficial tasks.

Time investment can be determined by the volunteer.