Getting Ahead |
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Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World

Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World is a sixteen-week course for individuals that experience the struggle of limited resources. Participants are welcomed each Tuesday night with a good meal and an opportunity to meet new friends that could be supportive on their journey out of poverty. Childcare is provided.


Participants will learn:

  • What causes poverty?
  • Is my housing cost a part of my instability?
  • What are the hidden rules and language of each income class?
  • How strong are my resources? Which do I need to build to stabilize?
  • What community resources would help me?



Many participants have experienced exciting changes in their lives such as college graduation, a higher paying job, and stable housing. The majority have been greatly encouraged to take their next step to a better future story.


As one graduate expressed: “Getting Ahead has taught me that I can dream again.”


Class time

Tuesday evening – 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Two cycles are offered. Fall and Spring.

*MasterKey is now planning a new Fall cycle, August, 2021 after suspending the program due to the COVID-19 Response.


New Location: Post Oak Fellowship, 2100 N. Woods, Sherman, TX 75092


Volunteer Opportunities


Provide food – as a group, business, or individual, supply food for current participants and their families plus graduates and facilitators. Typical number for food provision is 40. Serve the food on Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm and use the opportunity to be encouraging and supportive for those that are taking the courageous steps to break the cycle of poverty.